Transports 24 000 balls per hour!



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Range Servant Golf Ball Elevators are the quickest way to reduce labor, streamline ball handling, and clean up your Ball Wash Area. Easily activated with the push of a button, it eliminates the back breaking lifting and loading prevalent at a busy range.

Equipped with smart controls and a secondary power supply, it can work in tandem with any ball washer. Turn on the elevator and the ball washer comes on as well. Leaving nothing to chance, a photo-sensor shuts the elevator and washer down when the Ball Machine you are filling is full.

  • Rust Proof Stainless and Aluminum
  • Automatic Overfill Protection
  • Dramatically reduce labor and heavy lifting
  • 500+ balls per minute
  • Zero Friction Stainless Belt Track
  • Secondary Power Outlet for Synchronized Washer Function
  • Adaptable to any Golf Ball Washers
  • Direct Drive Motor. No Drive Belts or Gears


Due to the Swedish midsummer celebrations, Range Servant HQ will be closed on Friday 21/6  and will be open again as usual on Monday 24/6.