• 18,000 Ball/hr
  • 75 litres Water Tank
  • 700 Ball Capacity Hopper
  • 100% Galvanized and Stainless Steel
  • 1/2 HP Direct Drive Motor
  • No Pulleys or Belts
  • Easy to Load
  • 100% Hands-Free
  • Jam Proof Design
Article No.: WBT0001 Category


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The Range servant BT-1000 is aimed for medium and small size Ranges with washing capacity 18 000 balls per hour. The BT-1000 is working as a standard alone unit. The washer comes with an 700 balls standard ball feed hopper, and the water tank holds 75 litres water. Our design eliminates all problems associated with belts and pulleys.

  • 1/2 HP motor
  • High Torque motor eliminates jamming
  • No adjustments or alignment needed

The BT-1000 range ball washer is equipped with a unique, self-feeding agitator that feeds balls into the washer at a constant rate. All you have to do is dump the balls in the hopper and go.

  • No babysitting needed
  • Frees up time to go pick your driving range


Due to the Swedish midsummer celebrations, Range Servant HQ will be closed on Friday 21/6  and will be open again as usual on Monday 24/6.