Ball Picker Light

Range Servant Light pickers are built stronger than any picker in their class.


Ball Picker Light

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We use only thick gauge aluminium and galvanised steel to ensure that our pickers will stand up to busy ranges and tough terrain. Range Servant pickers have the highest capacities in the market. Our 3 gang pickers hold more than most 5 gang pickers. The Light Picker is available in 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 gang configurations.

The hybrid design sets the picker gangs in a straight beam configuration. The modified front beam wheel extension, however, reduces the swing weight of the picker when it’s attached by our A-Frame to a utility cart.

Both the flat aluminium cross beam and the front beam wheel extension allow for a terrain flexible ride.

  • Fully rust-resistant aluminium and steel
  • In-line design allows for backing
  • Light weight flexible design
  • No failure-prone elbow fittings
  • Flotation tires for smooth stable ride
  • Multiple flex-points for varied terrain
  • Adaptable to any cart or vehicle
  • Unique Multiflex discs

Ball Picker Light is dedicated to be operated with power driven vehicles. One basket hold 400 balls which gives the Light picker a capacity ranging from 1600 to 4800 balls.
The A-frame is included.
Best suited for:

  • Average quality grass or artificial turf
  • Less than 15,000 range balls per day

It’s in the Disc!
RS Multiflex discs are made of highly resilient soft plastic. The unique design protected discs are both flexible and durable and can absorb daily punishment while picking golf balls under even the most extreme conditions. They are UV protected for maximum wear.

For both the Ball Picker Light and the Ball Picker Heavy Duty!

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Labour Day

Due to Labour Day or, as also known, International Workers’ Day, Range Servant HQ will be closed on Wednesday 1/5  and will be open again as usual on Thursday 2/5.