Adjustable golf tee

A tee that adjusts to the desired height of your choice and remains there after repeated shots.


Adjustable golf tee

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The patent pending design consists of 3 polyurethane pieces, a base which is inserted under and thru a commercial grass mat, and two adjustable units that slide like a telescope.

Just push and pull to the exact height you desire as you would on the golf course. There are no slots or grooves on the inside or outside of the tee, so it slides smoothly to the exact height you need.

The tee’s ball holder is the same size as a standard wooden tee, giving you that same pure feeling when striking the ball.

It can be used with any commercial grass mat and its durability equals that of traditional tees found on ranges today. It is for people of all ages and sizes, and is a very useful teaching device.

  • Minimum Height: 4.45 cm / 1.750 inches
  • Maximum Height: 8.57 cm / 3.375 inches
  • Height of Base Unit: 3.50 cm / 1.375 inches
  • Ball Holder: Same as standard wooden tee
  • Outside Surface: Smooth and tapered
  • Material: Top-grade polyurethane

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