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By managing and maintaining your equipment you’ll keep the driving range down time low. Low down time saves money and prevents angry customers.

It does not matter if you have a small driving range on the country side or if you have a big ball management system on multiple floors with an IT based payment system. Range Servant can provide the support you need for mechanical or software issues.

Professional instant support and service can give your business happier and more satisfied customers. Range Servant can help you by creating a customized maintenance service interval that fits your equipment.

Range Servant Support Agreements

Why service & Support agreement?

  • Keep the driving range down time low
  • Save money and will keep your customers satisfied
  • Professional and reliable support
  • Extend longevity on your driving range equipment

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Why Connected Care?

  • Tracking the ball level and sending a text message when it’s time to pick balls.
  • Displays status of use, provides information about the number of dispensed balls and on the performance of all payment methods.
  • Signals when it’s time service the dispenser.
  • Easy installation, connected via a regular sim card.
  • Free phone support.

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Due to the Swedish midsummer celebrations, Range Servant HQ will be closed on Friday 21/6  and will be open again as usual on Monday 24/6.