Track Tee is a revolutionary driving range bay divider that was designed to increase customer satisfaction and driving range revenue. It accomplishes this by using Doppler radar technology to track and display the distance and speed of each ball in an easy to understand format. This gives golfers instant feedback of the results of each swing and creates a new interactive experience that golfers enjoy. It also provides a new revenue potential through advertising on the printable ad panels!

TrackTee uses advanced Doppler radar tracking technology to track and calculate the distance and speed of the golf ball. It does this by gathering over 100,000 data points per second of ball flight, and then using a proprietary formula calculates the results. The combination of Doppler technology and advanced algorithms creates a very accurate simulated ball flight path and final measurement within 2% accuracy.

TrackTee can be set to display the following data depending on the owner’s location and preference. Settings are preset during assembly and shipped with the matching printed overlay:

  • Total Yards / Ball Speed in MPH
  • Carry Yards / Ball Speed in MPH
  • Total Meters / Ball Speed in KPH
  • Carry Meters / Ball Speed in KPH

Get you Track Tee to work on a time by installing a our Token Acceptor made for Track Tee.
Now you can get more out of the same tokens used for your Ball Dispenser!

Ernest Sports brings technology to every driving range and hitting bay.
The future is here. BIG DATA… what does it mean? Ernest Sports gives you the answer – The ES15.

Know your swings DNA. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, the ES15 instantly provides critical and essential building blocks of data – the building blocks of personal performance.

May be installed on grass or cement. Easily moved to adjust for divots. Optional weights are available for extra stability during strong winds. Increase revenues through the remote control device.

Data Provided

  • Ball Speed
  • Club Speed
  • Distance
  • Spin Rate
  • Smash Factor
  • Launch Angle


  • Ease of Use
  • Instant Feedback
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Free App
  • Recorded Range Sessions
  • Custom Panels
  • Remote Enable
  • 140 Hour Battery

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