Touch Screen Technology

Upgrade your existing Ultima ball dispenser right now with Range Servant’s latest touch screen technology. Customers love our Lite daylight readable touch screen with extra large icons on an 8.4″ touch screen. For operators, the Select Lite package comes with the Remote Service package, the Select software, visual status reports on the condition of the dispenser and different languages.

Barcode Payment and card reading system

Installing Select Lite means your ball dispenser will have the new Range Servant Barcode Payment and card reading system, so here’s no need for reading small code on the receipts, no need for customers to punch in codes, and no risk of their getting the code wrong! No keypad means no moving parts, so you get great reliability. The receipts can be configured for any number of balls.

The Mifare© contactless RFID system

Select Lite also comes with the market-leading Mifare proximity card reader, and that means you can set up customer loyalty programmes using unique proximity cards that can’t be copied, and which can function in any environment. And proximity cards are far more reliable than other payment systems.



  • Customer Management
  • Customer Categories
  • Hot Keys
  • Statistics
  • Reports
  • Custom Panels


  • Hot Keys
  • Member Management
  • Card Management
  • Top Up


  • Maintenance Management
  • Alerts
  • Statistics
  • Reports



  • Connects to existing POS
  • Standarized API
  • One System Operations


  • RS Ball Dispenser
  • Ultima Ball Dispenser


  • Restore
  • Data Export

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