eezee Pay

Functionality has been developed in cooperation with golf clubs and been fully tested. We are sure that our payment solution will increase your customer satisfaction, save you time and increase your turnover.

Our API can be integrated with the club’s system and members can pay with their phone using eeZee pay.

Members can order food and beverage straight from the golf course and pay with eeZee pay.

Buy golf ball on Range Servants machine and pay with eeZee pay. No coins or credit card needed. eeZee pay can be used on almost any unattended machines or parking machines for payment.

The clubs can invoice, collect membership, green fees and competition by using eeZee web. The club members pay through eeZee pay.

The pro can use eeZee pos and turn their mobile phone into a digital card terminal. Customers pay with eeZee pay..

The club can send special product offers straight to the members phone and increase the club turnover.

  • The eeZee pay app can be used for payment on all unattended machines.
  • The club can send push notifications to all members with special offers, promo and info.
  • Customers can order food and beverage on their phone straight from the app.
  • Pro lessons can be paid from the app. No card terminal is required.
  • eeZee pay can be integrated into existing cash systems around the club.

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