Payment Systems

Range Servant understands that in addition to saving time and labor, the most important thing that a Golf Ball Dispenser needs to do is make you money! Range Servant Golf Ball Dispensers can be equipped with more vending options than any other Ball Machine in the industry. We can tailor a vending solution that makes your Golf Ball Dispenser the revenue source at your golf range.

The latest payment system for all Range Servant ball dispensers. Simple to use and rich in functionality

Select Lite
Our latest touch screen technology with Remote Service package, visual status reports on the condition of the dispenser and different languages.

Nayax VPOS
Provides an all-in-one solution for magnetic swipe, contact, and contactless operations.

eeZee Pay
What if we told you that we have a payment app, tailor made for golf clubs?

RS Tokens
Tokens are the easiest form of payment – they keep the line moving and your customers happy.

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