Golf Ball Washers

BT 1950, BT 1300, BT1000 & The Pre-Soaker 4000

Golf Ball Washers
  • Powerful Drive Motors
  • Direct Drive Design
  • No Belts or Pulleys
  • Fresh Water Pre-Spray and Rinse
  • Jam Proof! – No Track System
  • Fully Galvanized

BT 1950

Balls Per hour
Brush Coverage

BT 1300

Balls Per hour
Brush Coverage

Range servant is one of the leading suppliers of Golf Ball Washers. Our wide range of washers are capable of washing several balls in bulk, from 100 to 100,000 Golf range balls. We cater for all types of clients including professional Golfers, Golf course owners and people who play Golf as a hobby.

Whether you require washing a handful of range balls or need a Golf Ball Washer that can clean thousands of balls in bulk, we have you covered. Range Servant understands the need of having a convenient mechanism for keeping Range Balls clean, without using harsh chemicals.

No Harsh Solvents or Cleaners Required

Using corrosive substances for washing range balls can result in reducing their life. Now imagine using such a substance for washing thousands of range balls! Such a practice can easily result in loss worth thousands of dollars within a short period of time. On the contrary, using Range Servant Golf Ball Washers can enable you to not only clean range balls more efficiently but also ensure a longer life for them.

We use the best possible material for making Golf Ball Washers, including rust proof substances such as stainless steel. Since Range Servant is a premium manufacturer and supplier of high quality Golf equipment.

High Capacity Pre Sorting Load Bins
We have the highest capacity load bins (1000 or 3000) that can take a full pickers’ worth of ball at once. Only our rugged loading bins allow you to knock off dirt and weed out debris and cracked balls before they enter the wash cycle.

Direct Drive Design
Our powerful Direct Drive motors leave nothing to chance and ensure years of jam free operation. There are no belts that can slip or wear.

100% Brush Efficiency
With the unique brush system in the washer the balls rotate 360 degrees as they get scrubbed while traveling across the entire brush. This means the entire golf ball is scrubbed and the whole brush is used. You will change brushes less frequently in a Range Servant.

Extend the Life of your Golf Ball Inventory
Range Servant BT Ball washers are Ball Friendly because we use a fresh-water Pre Spray and powerful Jet Rinse ensuring clean golf balls without the unnecessary wear of detergents or the added hassle of changing the water. Minimize the golf ball wear and extend the life of the golf balls with the BT1950 and the BT1300!

BT 1000

The Range servant BT-1000 is aimed for medium and small size Ranges with washing capacity 18 000 balls per hour. The BT-1000 is working as a standard alone unit. The washer comes with an 700 balls standard ball feed hopper, and the water tank holds 75 litres water.

Balls Per hour

The Pre-Soaker 4000

The Pre-Soaker 4000 is designed and perfect for any driving range that has mud. Whether you have a mud-season, low spots or poor drainage, our Soaker loosens any mud, dirt or grass caked-on the golf balls.

The Pre-Soaker 4000 works with either our BT-1300 or BT-1950 Washer and can be found at golf courses and driving ranges around the world.

At only 36″ in height The Pre-Soaker is easily loaded with its 70 gallon tank that holds up to 4,000 balls. Once the balls are soaked, they are elevated by an adjustable-speed belt that can be dialed to match any ball washer on the market. The belt is perforated so dirty water stays in the tank and only well-prepared golf balls are loaded into the ball washer for rinsing.

The Pre-Soaker 4000 sits on heavy-duty lockable castor wheels so it is easily rolled into place and can be moved for cleaning and maintenance. No tools are required to lift out all inside components so deep cleaning is easy to fit into your maintenance schedule.

Golf Ball Washers - The Pre-Soaker 4000
  • 4,000 Ball Capacity
  • Safe 36″ load height
  • Lift-out components for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable belt speed to match any washer
  • Overflow drain hose for clean operation
  • Lockable castor wheels for easy transport

An Unbeatable Pair!

Pre-Soaking range balls in our Pre-Soaker 4000 and then scrubbing and rinsing them in our 1950 is the bulletproof way to completely clean range balls.

Pre-Soaker 4000 & BT1950 combo:

  • Loosens mud
  • Captures grass
  • Runs on auto-pilot!
Golf Ball Washers - The Pre-Soaker 4000

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