RS Ball Dispenser

  • 150010

    Capacity of 5 200 balls. Measurement: 1010x550x1476 mm

  • 180000

    Capacity of 8 000 balls. Measurement: 1010x760x1476 mm

  • 110007

    Capacity of 11 000 balls. Measurement: 1250x1010x1476 mm

The original flagship product

For over 25 years the RS Golf Ball Dispenser Series has been quietly dispensing hundreds of millions of golf balls worldwide.

The original flagship product of Range Servant is the RS-Golf Ball Dispenser, which has consistently proven to be the most reliable and durable ball dispenser on the market. Using the Grid and Cradle System, introduced in 1983, it consistently delivers an exact amount of clean, counted and un-damaged balls to the customer.



• 3 bucket sizes available
• Exact ball count per dispense
• Tokens, cash, cards, keys
• Stainless aluminium, galvanized • Easy and safe to load.

Strongly made and simple to maintain, all essential working parts are made in rust resistant galvanized steel and aluminium. An ingenious “grid and cradle” design sorts out damaged balls and other unwanted objects ensuring that the golfer only recieves clean and undamaged balls.

RS models are available in lower capacity Flat Top format or higher capacity Cone Top format. Flat Top models are only 59” tall which allows for easy and ergonomic manual loading. Cone Top models are taller and are designed to be filled by our ball elevator or blower system. All RS dispensers are modular in design. This allows your ball dispenser to expand in size along with your business.

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