Rental Trolleys

Rental Trolley I

A budget friendly rental model for all golf courses.

It is manufactured with rugged steel construction and is very sturdy. The classic grip handle is removable which ensures secure and space efficient storage when the trolleys are not in use. As options it can be equipped with a front wheel, advertising sign and a storage basket. The advertising option delivers an opportunity to cut costs when upgrading your rental fleet.

Rental Trolley 3

The most robust, stable and practical 3-wheel rental trolley for your golf club.

The 3-wheel rental trolley offers a rugged construction which is made of steel and provides a soft grip for comfortable handling. The Fleet 333 is available with an optional accessories net, a basket with bottle holder, a sand bottle holder, a security lock system and an advertising sign.

  • Comfortable Handle
  • 2 Quick Fix bases for umbrella
  • holder and PDA holder
  • Scorecard holder
  • Huge accessories bag
  • 2 Quick Lock bases
  • Deep storage department

Trolley Station

An easy to operate Trolley Station: The customer holds the members/payment card in front of the reader which charges a rental fee/deposit and opens the barrier for a trolley to be easily removed from the station. When the trolley is taken back to the station, the customer holds the card in front of the reader again and the barrier opens to enable the customer to slide in the trolley back with the rest. If a deposit was taken the customer will have it refunded to the card.Functions with Nayax credit card or tokens.

  • Material: The station is complete stain less steel.
  • Industry standard electronics (Siemens PLC, etc.)

Available for 10, 20 and 30 trolleys!

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