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The single-seated ELLWEE is the first affordable electric multi-purpose vehicle specifically designed for golf courses. We envision our customers to buy the best made golf cart ever in this price range. You can choose color and accessories that suits your individual needs.

ELLWEE has a manufacturing process that is based 100% on modular assembly. This ensures lean production, speedy delivery and on-demand customer based solutions. In fact, the ELLWEE is so advanced, that it is more similar to a car than your average scooter.

The ELLWEE features a patent pending rear pivot axle that delivers much less wear and tear on the surface compared to your average golf cart. So, if you are in the business of providing a fun and safe experience while accommodating faster rounds – you should definitely consider

The ELLWEE is so advanced,
that it is more similar to a car than your average scooter.


Achieve near 30% faster rounds compared to a traditional two-seater. Let us ask you this, have you ever decided to skip a round because it simply takes too long? We all dislike slow play, and J Niclaus was right to say Golf needs to speed up. ELLWEE brings the game back up to speed and helps us achieve what makes us better players, more play.


Through dedication and hard work, we have made a vehicle with larger wheels and less weight that outclass competition today. Tested at less than 4 PSI, ELLWEE is best in class, conciderably lower than 5.7 PSI for your average golf cart. ELLWEE has a patent pending suspension with an anti-spin system saving time, effort and care for golf course greenkeepers.


We believe that the golf cart industry needed something new. ELLWEE delivers a versatile, agile, and fun to drive experience. The ELLWEE is developed to hold anything you desire, with the ability to attach multiple modular components such as a sun roof, green keeper utility box, and drinks cooler.with an anti-spin system saving time, effort and care for golf course greenkeepers.


Front or back? Both golf bag holders fit all sizes of golf bags available on the market.


Use your own cooler and fit it into our multi sized holder. Up to 12 litres. Add an extra cup holder that fits your sand/seed bottle.


Our *Premium Plus model includes an 8-inch Android driven HD tablet with your favorite golf app pre-programmed. See vehicle status, such battery level, range and speed.


Too much sun? No problem! ELLWEE has a foldable sun roof that is easy to store and easy to mount.


Multi sized plastic box for easy storage while golfing.


Multi sized box for utility use.

Chassis : Proprietary steel construction and patent pending rear pivot axle
Wheels : Aluminum wheels 8”
Tyres : Round edge tyres: 16 x 7.50-8”
Battery : 4 AGM batteries 12 V, 59 Ah
Engine : 48 Volt DC induction motor, 1500 W
Brakes : Drumbrakes on rear wheels, double hydraulic disc brakes on front wheels
Dimension Length : 160 cm/63”, Width 86 cm/33.9”, Height 115 cm/45.3”, Weight 196 kg/432 lb

– With up to 50km of driving range, it is built for long range driving.
– Ellwee has a maximum speed of 20kph (12.5 mph)
– Pressure per tire is 3,20 PSI.
– It comes with three standard batteries and AGM batteries as an option.
– It’s a vehicle that anyone will love and it can

Ellwee features with 4 color variations

Pitch Black

Pearl White

Hunter Green

Ocean Blue.

Rent a ELLWEE!

Rent gives you an option to use equity more effectively. Why should you, as a customer, tie up your free equity, in equipment, if there is a chance to return capital better in your own business?

Rent is a form of long-term financing where the customer distributes the cost over time.

ELLWEE X 36 months


Per month

ELLWEE X 48 months


Per month

ELLWEE X 60 months


Per month


  • Secure financing – with the equipment as collateral
  • Funding up to I00% with full usage rights
  • The cost is easy to budget and can easily be adjusted to revenue
  • You keep your liquidity and do not bind capital in the equipment
  • Releases working capital that can be used for other activities
  • The entire rental fee is deductible
  • Faster cost accounting of the investment
  • Do not need to prepay VAT

The rental fee is paid periodically in advance.

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