Roll-in Golf


Collecting balls without damaging quality turf surfaces.

Roll-in is not only fast but also gentle, collecting balls without damaging quality turf surfaces. Working in all conditions, the Roll-in Pro Collector is a perfect alternative to automated collectors when the ground becomes too wet. With 2 different sizes, Roll-in provides a collection system for the professional and practice enthusiast alike.

Roll-In Bagbuddy
Roll-In pro-collector
Roll-in BagBuddy
  • Hold and collect 45 golf balls.
  • Relieve your back.
  • Take the hassle out of your practice!
Roll-in Pro Collector
  • Roll-in collects in all conditions without harming fairway and putting green surfaces.
  • Collects 80 golf balls.
  • Empties 80 balls into a collector in a second.
  • Gentle on turf.
  • 5 x faster than hand picking.

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