Range Mats & The Hitting Bay

Range Servant has a range mat for all types of golfers and facilities. Whether you prefer a tight lie or you’re on a tight budget we have got you covered. Our Premium Fairway Range Mat might be the best mat you ever hit off. Your resident teaching pro will love our Training Mats and our Tee-Up Mats will be a hit with your serious players. For facilities looking to take it to the next level we offer a variety of Tee-Line Turf Solutions. Feel free to contact us for further help and information.

Range Mats - GS Range Mat
GS range mat
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Nylon pile heat bonded with PU glue for extra strong adhesion
  • 15 mm NBR foam base for great shock absorption
  • Extremely durable
  • 5 year Non-curl guarantee
  • Playing mat size 150 x 150 cm
  • Comes with 4 tee holes and 4 slits
Range Mats - Regular Range Mat
Regular range mat
  • With holes or with slits
  • 1500 x 1500 mm
  • Grass layer of 15 mm knitted crimp nylon
  • The foam rubber base layer has a small thermal coefficient to prevent deformation due to changes in the weather
  • Weight 13 kg
Range Mats - Teaching Mat
Teaching Mat
  • One of the finest teaching aids in the Industry!
  • Sewn-in teaching lines of colored grass
  • Turf made of nylon 6 for comfortable play
  • Four tee-holes
  • Mat size: 150 x 150 cm
  • Weight: 22 kg
Range Mats - Classic Range Mat
Classic Range Mat
  • The 20 mm rubber granulate airlastic backing has a combination of air and elasticity for improved energy and shock absorption for comfortable play.
  • The turf is heat-bonded to the base, therefore preventing separation.
  • No more bouncing of clubs as the closed air chambers provide energy resitution for
    maximum comfort
  • Bottom layer designed to decrease slide and increase stability
  • Top layer manufactured with nylon 6.6 pile for long life
  • Playing mat size 150 x 150 cm
  • Mat size: 170 x 170 cm
  • Weight: 50 kg
Range Mats - Classic Airlastic Frame
Classic Airlastic Frame
  • 20 mm rubber granulate airlastic base has a combination of air and elasticity for improved shock absorption for comfortable play.
  • Combine the looks of the Classic with the economical features of the reusable frame
  • Will hold any 150 x 150 cm range mat (mat not included)
  • Outer size 170 x 170 cm
  • weight 50 kg

Range mat sold separetly

Range Mats - Matkeeper

The Matkeeper offers the perfect inexpensive way to finish your driving range mat.

  • Made from highly durable rubber
  • Drainage holes in the base to prevent the mat sitting in water
  • Prevents lighter-weights mats from moving in the bay
  • Will hold any 150 x 150 cm range mat (not included)
  • Outer size: 156 x 156 cm
  • Weight: 27 kg

Range mat sold separetly

Range Mats - Rubber Ball Tray
Rubber Ball Tray

Made of a durable Recycled Crumb-Rubber, our heavy duty Rubber Ball Tray might be the last ball tray you ever buy! 12 lbs / 5.4 kg, it won’t blow away. It is indestructible and super quiet! Holds up to 120 Balls.

Range Mats - Airlastic Backing
Airlastic backing

Special layer of interwoven nylon fibres for extra shock absorption. Comfortable stance and hitting features.

Range Mats - Rubber Tees
Rubber Tees

Our Standard Rubber tees are made of durable Butyl Rubber which is proven to last longer with superior elastic memory. Our Rubber Tees are designed to fit all commercial driving range mats and range owners appreciate the attractive white color and that the tees are easier to see at night.

Range Mats - Portable Putting Green
Portable putting green
  • Easy to lay, can be glued or laid lose
  • Enjoy great putting and looks immediately
  • Size: 1.5 x 3.5 metres
  • Backing: black 2 mm PU base 16 mm putting green turf, 40 mm rough straight and curled pile UV-resistant and waterproof
  • Weight: 27 kg
  • Comes in non-woven carry-on bag

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