Range Balls

Range Servant carries a full selection of balls for the golf range. We offer premium range balls for all driving ranges.

Range Balls - Tourspin

Nassau Range One & Nassau Range Two

Nassau manufactures approximately 40 million different balls every year to Taylor Made and they are known for their world class range and game balls. Range Servant and Nassau have together developed a range ball you do not want to miss!

Nassau Range One

Nassau Range One is a 1-pcs ball with extreme durability. We can guarantee the balls performance for a life span of 1 400 shots!

The ball has the feeling of a real tour ball. (wich means that it is a bit harder to the feeling than other 1-pcs balls)

Nearly identical spin with wedges and short irons compared to a tour ball.

Nassau Range Two

Nassau Range Two is a 2-piecs ball with extreme durability, with retained performance. We guarantee a life span of 900 shots, wich is 2 to 3 times more than any competitor ball on the market.

The performance, from iron 9 to driver, is similar to a tour ball, when measured in Trackman/FlightScope.

Nassau Range Two is also available in 80 comp and 60 comp.(reduced flight time)

Range Balls from Range Servant

Standard Range Balls

Range Balls

A great quality ball at an unbeatable price manufactured by Europe’s leading Range Ball and Practice ball supplier.

Available in Yellow 1pce & 2pce, and in White 2pce – all have the approved RS logo printed.

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