Lazer Lamps T-16

Always striving to bring you innovative new products and cost savings, Range Servant have teamed up with Lazer Lamps to develop the world’s first complete in-the-box LED range outfield lightning system.

All range owners complain about the same problem: the winter electric bill, paying thousands of pounds to heat up the sky. To enable you to replace those old, inefficient, power thirsty metal halide spot lights with a top notch LED system, Range Servant have done the work for you. We have sourced the highest quality components, assembled and tested them in the UK using the finest technicians, and put them all together in one convenient package.

The Lazer T-16 LED light delivers a massive 13880 raw lumens of light which is roughly the equivalent to 12 halogen spotlights, or to put it another way, 8 times more output than an aftermarked HID light. Designed with the offroad racer in mind the T-16 is built to withstand the harshest environments. Constructed from a rugged billet aluminium casing with a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens with a gore-tex breather membrane the T-16 is ultra tough and watertight to IP67.

Supplied with a 70cm long cable and pre wired male and female connectors.

  • Save over 80% on your outfield lightning bills!
  • 50,000 hour bulb lifespan, never change a bulb again!
  • Easy installation!
  • Complete in-the-box solution!
  • Reduce your carbon footprint!
  • Class leading light output
  • Electronic Thermal Management
  • Fully Aluminium body
  • IP67 Waterproof Rated
  • Three Year Warranty

Replacing your old 1000w metal halide or sodium spotlights with our T-16 LED units could save you over 80% on your annual lightning costs, whilst improving the quality of lightning at your range considerably. No more climbing ladders to change expensive bulbs every year, our LED bulbs last for 50,000+ hours, which in terms of range usage is over 30 years.

It’s safe to say that LEDs are the future of lightning, and that metal halide and sodium lamps will be abandoned in due course on environmental grounds, just like the old fashioned household light bulb. When you realise that our LED units are similarly priced to the equivalent output metal halide or sodium units, the hugely increased efficiency and savings on running costs makes for a really easy decision.

Our LED Range Lights are simple to install and will probably wire straight into your exisng lighng circuit. Electrical works should only ever be undertaken by a qualified electrician. Our very own team of fully qualified electrical engineers are trained specifically in the in- stallaon of these units. For more informaon, contact us to see how our LED systems can benefit your business.

Dimensions: 680mm Long x 73mm High x 84mm Deep

Voltage Range: 9-32V
Raw Lumens: 13,888
Beam Pattern: Hybrid
Optical Efficiency: 88 Percent
Beam Distance (0.25LX): 792m
Number Of LEDs: 16
Power Consumption: 174 Watts
Current Draw at 14.4 Volts: 12.4 Amps
LED Life (Hours): 50,000
Weight: 2.4kg

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