Baskets & Basket Stands

RS Classic Baskets

The Economical Solution. Lightweight, virtually unbreakable, and at a great price-point our RS Plastic baskets are perfect for budget minded ranges.

All RS Classic Baskets are green with a green handle.

50 balls
75 balls
100 balls
150 balls

Green Baskets - Baskets & Basket Stands
Steel baskets
50 and 85 balls

Metal Baskets - Baskets & Basket Stands

Square baskets - Baskets & Basket Stands

Small black square basket, 70 Balls
Large black square basket, 120 Balls

Square Plastic Baskets
  • Made of strong plastic, offering great stability
  • Flat edges – no more baskets rolling around the driving range mats
  • Hangs properly on ball dispenser
  • Possibility for advertisement
  • Packed per 10
  • Available in black and two sizes

Optional custom sticker for square basket
The 9 x 7 cm rectangle on 2 sides of each basket offer space for an advertising sticker

Metal Basket Stand

Providing an easy way to keep the range safe and efficient, our Basket Stand holds up to 60 of any kind of plastic basket. Made of Galvanized Steel and Aluminum you’ll be organized for years to come.

RS Basket Stand - Baskets & Basket Stands

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