Versatility in Motion

Ellwee is the all-new single seated electric golf scooter. Built by topclass engineers in Sweden for long ranging driving, reliability and low maintenance. It causes much less wear and tear on golf courses than an ordinary two-seated golf cart due to lower PSI, lower weight and by spreading golfers over a larger area. It also speeds up rounds since golfers go to their own shot.


Golfer benefits:
Faster rounds, lower rent and very agile. Add the fact that golf carts finally enter into the 21th century with smart phone connectivity and other practical solutions and we will surely see the Ellwee used by many golfers.

Golf club benefits:
The average round is about 20% faster when golfers using Ellwee’s, which translates into more revenues for the golf club. The product is high quality, long range, low maintenance, and wear minimum on golf course it self.


Long Range and Agile
Ellwee is setting a new standard. Ellwee is incredibly agile, yet stable and reliable for long range driving.

  • With up to 50km of driving range, it is built for long range driving.
  • Ellwee has a maximum speed of 20kph (12.5 mph)
  • Pressure per tire is 3,20 PSI.
  • It comes with three standard batteries and AGM batteries as an option.
  • It’s a vehicle that anyone will love and it can
Standard Version

Basic Components
Tyres and steel rims
Leather Sadle
Golf bag holder (front)
The lead-acid battery 62Ah

Premium Version

Premium components
Tyres and Aluminum rims
Premium Leather Sadle
Multi purpose holder back
Extra golf bag holder
Double USB -port
Gel Batteries 75 ah
(3 batteries)

There are a wide range of optional accessories available, such as umbrella, sunroof, golf caddy back and/or front, cooler, cup holder and more.

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